The material gathered in the research part was carefully analized and used to create the affinity diagram. The process was divided into 3 different steps.

1 In the first one, post-its carring feedback from users were arranged on the wall trying to find an initial similarity or correspondence one with another.

2 In the second steps post-its were grouped to pinpoint macro areas under a common category. This process was completed after several iterations.

3 In the third and final part there was a multiple evaluation for many sub-groups of each category that associated an emotional feedback to stress positive aspects and especially pain points.

An initial sequence of 11 steps connected to almost each sub-group was drafted to facilitate the creation of the customer journey map.


The information emerged from the affinity diagram was organised into a sequencial journey to show how the users felt at each stage, stressing goals, behaviour, context, surprise and pain points. This was beneficial in order to identify areas and phases where to intervene.

Many of the issues pointed out were related to misleading information or unclear ones, the possibility to customize the journey and the flexibility in the search parameters. Also result list section and adds-on pages presented several pain points.

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