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Simon Louaza

UX Designer

simonlouaza@gmail.com   /   +39 328 6253701

I am a UX designer and industrial designer with a Diploma from the UX Design Institute.

Passionate about designing new solutions that promote simplicity. I am driven by creativity and a problem-solving attitude.

Strategic vision, user centered approach and high attention to details are part of my design process.


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The works presented are the result of the UX Design Institute course that was focused on the analysis and the improvement of the actual booking experience related to flight company websites and apps. 

The aim of the projects was to investigate users’ goals, behaviours and context before, during and after the booking process. Several UX research and analysis methodologies were applied to identify any usability issue, pain point and to discover users’ expectations.
The purpose of the final redesign was to create an enhanced flight booking platform Fly UX from concept to wireframes, that could generate positive emotions and satisfaction in target users.

Phase 1: Research

Usability tests
Depth interviews
Online survey
Competitive benchmarking


Usability test

Usability tests

01 Usability tests

After having analized several airlines platforms, I divided them into 4 main categories according to similarities and differencies. I selected four of them, one for each group, then I created a recruitment screener to select proper candidates and a script for the tests, both for mobile and desktop.
Short interviews were conducted before the test in order to make users more comfortable and get some useful information about their booking preferences and past experiences.

The result of the tests, along with the other research parts, was noted down and used to generate the affinity diagram.


Sofware used:
ScreenFlow, Reflector 3