Several airline company websites and apps were grouped into 4 categories according to similarities and differencies, regarding usability and functionalities.

Four representative companies were taken into account for usability tests. A recruitment screener was developed to select proper candidates. Usability test scripts customized for each company were drafted.

The goals of the usability testsessions were to:

1 Discover the primary goals of the users and behaviour.

2 Discover which features conform to the users expectations.

3 Identify elements that cause friction.

4 Learn what kinds of problems will likely cause the user to leave the website.

5 Discover where and when users feel empowered and frustrated during the journey.

6 Identify which pieces of information are important for the user.


A brief online survey for quantitative and attitudinal data was drafted using the process of the the 3 golden questions, regarding the reason for visiting a specific website/app, the ability to complete the task, and the potential improvement.

I used a mixture of open, closed and multiple choice questions that were revolving around booking habits and preferences, past booking experiences and the overall degree of satisfaction. Users were asked to address issues they may have experienced.


Four airline websites and apps, representing the main 4 categories were taken into consideration in order to analize, pinpoint and evaulate positive and negative aspects, convention established, regarding layouts, page elements and standard features that users would expect in using them.

Branding, clarity of layout and information, easy of use, navigation and task prioritization were main factors considered for future design process.

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