08 Interaction

This was the second step in the design process where to thoroughly decide and define each element on the pages/screens and the interaction between them, claryfing operating rules and feedback to users.

The main goals were:

1 To provide users with all information desired, especially about price, best offers, departure time... making it more accessible and visible, avoiding misinterpretations and doubts. 

2 To give users a good degree of flexibility in experiencing the site, especially for flight price and time comparisons with additional search filters and result view options. Specific pathways were prioritized always giving a wider control on the result customization and management.

3 To present a perceivable and persistent navigation easy to understand that could improve the flow on the platform.

4 To enable users to keep track of advancement and flight variations at any stage of the booking.

5 To not force users to take unrequired additional steps unless they want to.