The scope of the project was the first design and following redesign of the wallet page.

The wallet was expanded in order to store additional currencies and to easily redirect users to related pages where they can make use of and buy new currencies.

G-Loot (now Stryda)

G-Loot is an esports company based in Stockholm.

The company is focused on stats tracking, player identity and competitions.


Research & analysis

2021 / 2022 


Flow diagrams of the two different alternatives

The new design welcomes new users with an intro message that can be removed afterwards. Now the currencies are piled up adopting an horizontal layout that reduces the height of each currency card.
This allows cards to be always visible according to different screen sizes.

Additional information is embedded into specific dropdowns, which are all expanded the first time that users visit the page.

The info about the currencies is structured in a “use” and “get” way, explaining in a clear way what all the different currencies are and how they can be earned and used by users.

Final sketches and interface

The former interface presented some usability issues related to the currency card layout and the different screen size of users.

Some currencies were hidden in the piling process for small screen sizes.

Additional friction was generated by the inability to convey clear information about the different currencies.

Hotjar heatmap comparison before and after the redesign

Sketches of former interface