The goal of the project was the redesign of the shop page in order to simplify the information architecture, introduce a new navigation system and reduce the complexity of the interface.

G-Loot (now Stryda)

G-Loot is an esports company based in Stockholm.

The company is focused on stats tracking, player identity and challenges.


Research & analysis



New interface wireframes

New card layout

With the new shop information architecture, all gift cards are now displayed in one single page and grouped according to the different brands. Users don’t have to go back and forth anymore inside each brand’s page to get a full overview and compare all different card offers. 

In order to achieve that, a tab navigation system was introduced along with a new filtering functionality that allows users to focus their attention to selected elements without navigating to different pages.

In the previous interface the countries where gift cards are valid, were listed above each gift card set. This was only an informative element that led users to believe that they had to click a specific country to filter results (as visible on the Hotjar heatmaps at the bottom of the page).
In the new interface users are associated with a country related shop according to their (geo) location. If they want they can use the country selector on the top-right corner to switch to another country based shop.

Two carousels were added on the interface to promote the product offer of the different brands with evocative pictures and payoff messages.

A new card layout was developed in order to reduce complexity and the height of the cards and therefore to be able to show more page content.

Notification strategy

Purchase modal boxes

Mobile interface wireframes

Hotjar heatmaps