The project was focused on the redesign of the flow and the interface for registration and login processes.

The goal was to increase conversion rate and fix current usability pain points.

G-Loot (now Stryda)

G-Loot is an esports company based in Stockholm.

The company is focused on stats tracking, player identity and challenges.


Research & analysis
UX / UI / Prototype

2021 / 2022


Initial flow diagram

New flow and interface

The overall number of steps was reduced and their order rearranged in order to have a more coherent experience. A progress indicator now shows how many steps are left before registration is complete. Users are now provided with the most important information, they should know before signing up, first.

More guidance was provided, especially for password hints and error messages.

Social authentication was added as a registration and login option.

The age gating step was causing unnecessary friction.
The “date of birth” format approach was discarded and a simplified new way to get the age limit confirmation was introduced.

Visuals and payoff messages were added on the side to make the process more engaging and to make it more consistent with the company profile.

New password hints

Critical aspects of former flow and interface (research with Amplitude, Hotjar and usability tests)

Wireframe samples