Foundamental is a VC investor in construction and mining technology.

The goal of the company is to recognize global patterns and apply them locally with insights that help ventures commercialize across borders. Foundamental software is able to cluster company overviews according to different filters, which can be geographical or operational.

Users can create personal lists of companies.
These lists are created top down starting with all companies in database and subsequently restricting by filters. A list is practically a saved set of filters, currently these are called "subscription lists". When new companies are matching the filters of a "subscription list" they are visibly marked. Lists can be shared with other users or can be removed from personal page, "unsubscribe" process.

Previous design and layout

User priority is to have a quick access to lists in order to consult and confront companies information and updates. Since every user has different market targets list customization becomes crucial.

The redesign process was focused on the implementation of the list creation function in order to ease the overall workflow and reduce cognitive friction. List layout was rearranged to facilitate scanability and information tracking.

Raw flow and functions

Design goals and definitive flows


Design elements focus

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