Foundamental developed a software that is able to directly connect investors with companies. The project was focused on the improvement of the usability of the list creation functionality.

Foundamental is a global venture capital firm operating in construction and mining technology fields.

Tasks: Research & analysis / UX / UI / Prototype

Former interface

Users are able to discover and keep track of new companies and ones that have already invested in too. Now they have the possibility to use a filtering functionality to create several lists of companies according to their preferences or area of interest.

New flow and interface

Primary call-to-action elements were missing. A clear plus button was introduced in order to guide users on what to do first. A new creation area was introduced with the possibility to set up the different parameters for the filter (AKA the company list). 
The editing and deletion processes were made more intuitive by introducing additional affordances and clear confirmation animations. The list layout was rearranged in order to improve content prioritization, accessibility and to reduce eye strain.
Brand new companies in the database are now highlighted with a more effective label and outline.


Workflows, list creation, editing and deletion

Design process and new elements