EGYM is a global fitness technology leader providing fitness and health facilities with intelligent workout solutions.

The goal of the company is to makes exercising smarter and more efficient with a suite of connected gym equipment and digital products that integrate seamlessly with 3rd party hardware and software. EGYM is also the largest provider of branded mobile apps for health clubs with thousands of customers globally.

The design project was focused on the analysis of Dream Club app and its workout tracking functionality.

The scope of the research was to pinpoint possible usability problems in order to fix users’ pain points with user experience functionality improvements.

Current design and workout tracking functionality

Personas were developed to identify possible pain points. Several research techniques were used. The 3 most representative cases were selected for the design phases.

Raw workflow and design implementations

* Design goals in workflow


Editing function wireframes

Save for later function wireframes

Information implementation wireframes

Future filter function development

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