Preliminary sketches

Taking into consideration the previous emotional journey of the customer it was possible to design a better flow of how users are experiencing the new platforms.

Several differences emerged between the desktop version and the mobile one, mostly due of the size of the screens and different input modality.

Multiple paths were proposed at specific stages to meet users’ expectations to support flight customization, different result visualizations and changes of mind. Summary became a pivotal step where to decide whether to go directly to payment or to add additional benefits only if really wanted.


In this step, primary and secondary navigation, both for desktop version and mobile one, were defined with simple sketches after several iterations.
The entire booking process from start to confirmation was taken into account.

A different color was assigned to each navigation element, such as buttons, advancement bars, dropdowns and pickers.

The crucial aspect of this step was to prioritize functions according to the users’ needs, previously emerged, and make all elements and sections easily accessible.

The complete menu was contracted in order to show the top 4 most important features in the home section. Additional flight editing and customizable functions, such as week and month view for results, were highlighted to have a complete control on the booking at every stage.

The main goal was to make the website and the app easy to navigate, reducing the number of steps and introducing more connection between sections, according to the established flow.


This was the second step in the design process where to thoroughly decide and define each element on the pages/screens and the interaction between them, claryfing operating rules and feedback to users. 

The main goals were:

1 To provide users with all information desired, especially about price, best offers and departure time, making it more accessible and visible, avoiding misinterpretations and doubts.

2 To give users a good degree of flexibility in experiencing the site, especially for flight price and time comparisons with additional search filters and result view options. Specific pathways were prioritized always giving a wider control on the result customization and management.

3 To present a perceivable and persistent navigation easy to understand that could improve the flow on the platform.

4 To enable users to keep track of advancement and flight variations at any stage of the booking.

5 To not force users to take unrequired additional steps unless they want to.

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